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MIAU | Boudoir FAQ
MIAU | Boudoir FAQ
NH Boudoir Photography FAQ by Mon Petit Studio. You have questions? We have answers.
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You have questions? We have answers.

What is Boudoir Photography?

The word ‘Boudoir’ means “Bedroom’ in French. A perfect fit to our existing photography studio – Mon Petit Studio. What can we say , we love a little french. Boudoir Photography is about capturing the essence of sexiness – the flirty, romantic, feminine, sweet, sensual, and sultry beings within us. MIAU is here to help you unleash your own unique sexy, whether playful or fierce.

How far in advance should I book my boudoir session?

All of our private sessions are booked on weekdays. Boudoir Parties can be booked on weekends. Our dates fill up fast so we encourage you to book your session as soon as you have made your decision to do so. Many Brides want to utilize their boudoir session photos for a groom’s gift (the mini heirloom album). If this sounds like you, we suggest booking your session no later than 2 months before your wedding date so that your album can be created and mailed back to you in time.

How much do albums cost?

Package pricing and album information can be found on our boudoir investment page here. You will have the opportunity to feel swatches and take a look at sample albums during your session to make your final choices on color and finish.

How many images do i get from my session?

We’re not stingy. You can expect 40-50 images from your 1 hour boudoir session. Boudoir party sessions (30 minutes) can expect between 20-40 images. Furthermore, all of our packages come with a direct download of all edited final high resolution images for you to love and cherish for years to come.

How long do I have to wait before I see my images?

You can expect to have your full collection of images to view in a password protected gallery within 2 weeks of your session date (sometimes sooner). If you are ordering an heirloom mini boudoir album, you will have 1 week to review your images and pick your favorites. We will then send you a layout to approve before we send your album to production. Please note that no changes can be made once you have approved your layout. You can then expect your album to arrive within 4-5 weeks of your album approval.

What about hair and makeup?

We have been lucky enough to work with some seriously talented hair & makeup extraordinaires! If you’re interested in having professional hair and makeup for your boudoir session, we can recommend some wonderful artists.

I'm not a model. What do I do about posing?

This one makes us giggle! None of the ladies that you see on our blog are professional models. That being said, we know there’s a model in each and every one of us. Don’t worry, we’ll help you pose, relax, and look your very best each step of the way through your session.

Do you edit every photo?

Yes! Every single one. We want you to look your very best in the final result and this means just a little enhancing here and there. We won’t ever make you look like another person – we want to show off the beauty that is YOU after all. Blemishes (who wants those, right?) will be edited out in post production. If there are any particular skin imperfections that you want us to make less visible, let us know at the time of your session and we can suggest posing techniques as well as removal in post production.

What do I wear?

This is totally up to you! We’ve had bridal boudoir sessions where the bride wears all white, sometimes a veil or garter. The best thing to remember is that we all have our own unique sexy. Sexy can be bare. Sexy can be slinky, Sexy can be your lover’s favorite band tee. When deciding on what to wear consider wearing whatever it is that makes you feel sexy. If you feel it – you will totally rock your session.

Do you do couples boudoir?

Absolutely! Please send me an email so that we can discuss your session details.

Do you offer boudoir parties?

We do! They’re such a big hit with our ladies and we love them too! Feel free to find more details about our boudoir parties on our investment page here.

How many wardrobe changes do I get?

We always suggest that you bring lots of options! An hour session typically has 2-3 wardrobe styles. Boudoir party sessions typically have time for  1-2 wardrobe styles. Feel free to peruse sites like Pinterest for inspiration on what to wear. Always safe options include –bras & panty sets, jewelry, corsets, high heels, bridal accessories, etc. If you’d like some guidance, Stella is more than happy to help you with some styling tips. Neutral colors photograph best – but pops of color can be fun too.

What if I have to reschedule?

Things happen. Rescheduling is sometimes necessary – we just ask for at least 72 hours in advance for rescheduling. If rescheduling is necessary, we’ll work with you to make sure we can find a new date that works.

Where will we do the session?

There are three typical choices for session locations:


  1. At your home for the most comfortable & unique result
  2. At your hotel room (we can suggest some great local hotels based on your desired look & feel)
  3. At a rental studio space (please note that there is an additional fee for studio space rental)


Please note that sessions must take place within 30 minutes of Davenport FL. Sessions outside of this distance may be subject to a travel fee. Please include your desired location when inquiring and we’ll see if a travel fee is necessary.

Can I have a drink before my session?

There’s got to be a reason why they call it liquid courage, right? There’s nothing wrong with having a drink before your session to calm your nerves. If you’re planning on having your session in your own location, well then, Cheers! Please don’t drink and drive, though – that’s never a good idea.

What does MIAU mean?

MIAU is pronounced just like meow. Cute right? The spelling comes from Stella’s Portuguese/Brazilian heritage but it’s totally pronounced the same way as in the U.S., kitten. Go ahead – Mee-oww.

I should probably go tanning before my session right?

A little glow always looks good but over tanning can make you look a little – over tanned. Just like everything else in life, moderation is always a good thing. As long as it’s not excessive, a little tanning will look great on you.

What should I wear when I show up for my session?

We suggest that you wear whatever it is that you normally wear except a little more loose fitting. Avoid wearing a tight bra or panties that will leave marks and indentations on your skin.

What if I'm shy?

It is completely normal for you to be a little shy and nervous about your session. Every single one of our kittens (you know all those ultra sexy and fierce women on our website) was a little shy at the beginning of their session. Hard to believe right? It’s true! You’re going to rock it just like they did. Stella is a bit of dork – she’ll make you laugh and feel like you were made for posing in lingerie. Think about it this way, you likely won’t be wearing anything less than the average beach goer.

Do I have to get naked?

Absolutely not! Boudoir is all about feeling sexy and evoking that feeling. MIAU is dedicated to bringing out that inner sex kitten in you whether you want to go bare, wear something slinky, or just rock your session in your lover’s favorite band tee. Being sexy is not about what you wear – it’s about how you feel.

I'm not exactly skinny – is that ok?

Oh kitten. You’re a gorgeous, beautiful, sexy woman whether you’re a size 2 or 20. You will leave your session feeling amazing about yourself because you are indeed beautiful. Stella is a pro at getting the most flattering angles for all body types and she will help guide you into the poses that are the most flattering body types. Also, don’t feel weird about the posing – even the most fit girls need good posing too.

What if I want to remain anonymous?

Whether you’re planning on using your images as a gift or you just want to remain a mystery woman – your identity is safe with us. Pinky swear. Let Stella know and we’ll keep your name and/or face off our site. Granted, you may find you look so damn hot that you want us to flaunt it – that’s happened!

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